About The Company

We began our professional journey back in 2021, but we were just a little operation running everything on our own. But in 2023, we opened our first store, called "Hastakala," in Agra.

And advancing in every manner. Our exclusive motto of "THINK-FEEL-CUSTOMISED" is how we want you to think beyond the box, feel it, and we're all here to customise it in your very own style. Our clear vision is to win over all hearts.

We place a special emphasis on quality management because it's important for us to personally inspect each of our products' quality.

Why Choose Us ?

Experience Staff

Our Skilled Team Provides Top-Quality Service And Care To Ensure The Safety And Optimal Presentation Of Your Goods.

Huge Variety

With more than two years of design and packaging experience, we provide a huge variety of packaging and gifting options.

Best Deal Online

When, while the lovely valley teems with vapour around me, and the meridian sun strikes the upper surface of the impenetrable.

Our Client Says...

Jagdish Singhania

This work was done in an extremely wonderful manner. It was incredibly simple. Greetings to Saloni. For you, she is out and about. understanding you, working through the ideas with you, and listening to you. Everything happened as promised and on schedule.

Akash Mittal

Friendly people and a lovely store with the most amazing marble artwork. Affordable prices, and I'll buy from this store once more for sure! The depiction of reality was as good as one might have hoped it would be.

Ekta Jain

They Are incredible Creative And Innovative In Their Approach And Are Without A Doubt A Standout In The Industry. The Team Has A Remarkable Ability To Customize Solutions That Perfectly Cater To Their Clients' Unique Needs. You're welcome in Hastakala and Salonika.